Konstantin Safonov

26. march, 2024

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I really enjoyed it. I ordered in the morning, and by the evening, I was already picking it up. The car was clean and pleasant. We were greeted by lovely managers. Everything was sorted out in 5 minutes, and off we went for a ride. Returning the car was just as easy as picking it up. The managers inspected it, calculated the remaining balance, and we settled right away. Thank you very much for the service. We will definitely rent again.

Kolczov Denis

24. march, 2024

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Inexpressible emotions, still thrilled!!
Before booking, the manager answered all questions regarding traffic rules, recommended navigation apps, and explained how to use them, as well as some features of driving the Huracan. I was worried about parking, but there is assistance with their payment during the rental period, which is extremely convenient.
A dream that I managed to touch, thank you so much!

Yvan Lambert

19. march, 2024

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I rented two cars from Brooklands Rent, a Huracan Evo Spyder and a 230i Pack M. Everything was perfect, I want to thank Dimitri and Maria for their availability and professionalism. The cars were delivered clean and in excellent condition, with bottled water and phone cables inside. Excellent service. Thanks again 👍
See you soon ✌️

Olesya Sokolova

13. march, 2024

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We rented a Chevrolet Corvette at Brooklands Rent Dubai. It was our first experience renting a car in Dubai. The documentation process and key handover took no more than 15 minutes. Dimitri met us, explained everything, and answered all our questions. Prior to the meeting, we were sent a guide, which detailed all the useful information. A big plus – the rental was WITHOUT a deposit! The price was very reasonable and the service was excellent! We used the 2GIS GPS which conveniently shows lane movements. The only additional expense was parking fee (10 dirhams), and by the way, Dmitry helped us with the payment! We refueled the car ourselves before returning it. Gas stations in Dubai are very convenient and user-friendly.
Maria, a very pleasant girl, took the car back. It was also all done very swiftly.
We definitely recommend Brooklands. Next time, it will be our first choice!

David Ghughunadze

12. march, 2024

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Fresh cars, Friendly stuff, perfect prices and good service, that’s all about Brooklands Rent Dubai 😊

Ainis Jaseliūnas

11. march, 2024

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The Best car rental company in Dubai. Clean, new cars and outstanding service. Huge Thanks for Maria and Feras for taking care. Would come back and recommend it to others. Extra stars!

Omar Turk

06. march, 2024

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Great service. TRX was in great condition and it was great. Highly recommended

John Doe

05. march, 2024

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Great service. We’ll definitely be back 👍

Ilya Kovalchuk

04. march, 2024

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I’ve rented cars from these guys a few times already, their service is always top-notch.

Aleksei Ivanov

03. march, 2024

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I rented a ‘Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder’, and everything was top-notch. The car was impeccably clean, the staff were responsive, and my service was provided by Dmitri. Everything was very friendly, honest, and transparent. Dmitri responds to any queries promptly, and he helps with parking payments. The car has a cable for charging your iPhone and connecting to Apple CarPlay. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to rent a car, you definitely won’t be making a mistake. Best service 👍🏼👌🏻

Vladimir Ovsyannikov

02. march, 2024

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Thanks to the manager Maria! She explained everything, showed and gave tips. The Mustang is blazing!

Alessio Vescio

28. february, 2024

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Impeccable service from the entire staff, the car was magnificent and in perfect condition. I’ll rent from them again when I’m in Dubai👍🏼

Arsenij Hizhnyakov

26. february, 2024

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Everything went well!
We rented a BMW 430 convertible.
If you’re planning to rent a car for a couple of days and want to explore Abu Dhabi: 500km mileage will likely just barely be enough, keep that in mind!

Snoop Dogg

20. february, 2024

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Rented a Ferrari, they had the car ready the same day I requested it. The guys were nice to deal with. It’s really important to note that I paid the exact amount they originally quoted – no hidden fees. Thanks!

Alexander Dozorets

19. february, 2024

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We rented a Mini Cooper S Cabrio. The car was completely new (2024 model year, only 1,400 km on the odometer).

This was our first and unforgettable experience renting a convertible in a hot country. When choosing a rental company, I liked the rent without deposit, Russian-speaking managers and the popularity of Brooklands in Russia.

The manager explained all the rental rules and fines in Dubai. Everything was clear and efficient. We plan to use their services again!

Arseniy Hijnyakov

18. february, 2024

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Everything went well!
We rented a BMW 430 convertible.
If you’re renting a car for a couple days and want to make it to Abu Dhabi: 500 km on the odometer will likely just about cut it, keep that in mind!


18. february, 2024

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We rented a car for the second time at Brooklands and once again, we were reassured that the price, service, and condition of the car are top notch – a solid 10 out of 10. I genuinely wish prosperity for your company, lots of customers, and to always maintain the high standard of service you provide.

Julia Hadžić

16. february, 2024

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Personal is super nice, friendly, proffesional! Everything was without problem and the cars are super and good price. Recommended from heart. 🙂 see you again next time when I visit Dubai!

Viktor Vikrorovich

14. february, 2024

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I rented a Mini Cooper and really enjoyed the experience. The consultant was polite, explained everything clearly, the car was in a rare color and almost brand new. They also allowed to drive it to other Emirates. Highly recommend!

Αντώνης Σόγιας

12. february, 2024

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Professionals 🤝
Highly recommended

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