13 February 2024 Author: Veronika Chursina

12 Best Attractions in Dubai

If there is a paradise oasis amidst a lifeless desert, it is Dubai. Just a few decades ago, it was a small, traditional town inhabited by fishermen and traders. However, after oil deposits were discovered in the area, everything changed dramatically. Today, Dubai is one of the global centers of tourism, with the tallest skyscrapers, most luxurious hotels, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and a world-class entertainment options. So where should you head first when you arrive in this heavenly corner and have already rented a car to comfortably tour the sights? We will tell and show you in our new article.

Burj Khalifa – The Tallest Building in the World

The Burj Khalifa tower has 163 floors, and the exact height of the building is 828 meters, or nearly a kilometer. This skyscraper can be called the most famous landmark of Dubai, and even a symbol of the emirate. It is also an embodiment of daring, engineering prowess and architectural art – an object that amazes with its scale and splendor.

The tower has two observation decks that offer truly stunning views of the city, desert and Arabian Gulf. Visiting at least one of the observation decks, you can enjoy breathtaking sunsets and night views that simply take your breath away. It is here that you can feel on top of the world for a moment, as the top observation deck is located at 555 meters or 143 floors above ground level.

Inside Burj Khalifa there is a rich art collection, luxurious hotel rooms, sophisticated restaurants and luxury brand shops. Here you can walk through the Atrium – the main lobby and entrance space of this amazing tower. It serves as the symbolic heart of the building, with marble, precious stones and sculptural elements used in its design. This décor, combining modern style and Arabic aesthetics, creates an atmosphere of luxury and nobility. It is here, in the Burj Khalifa Atrium, that exhibitions, events and ceremonies are held that attract the attention of both the press and tourists. Visiting the Burj Khalifa is an unforgettable adventure, offering a unique opportunity to look at the world from a bird’s eye view without ever leaving the ground.

The Dubai Singing Fountains

After sunset at 6 pm, true magic begins in Dubai – the daily show of the Singing Fountains. The fountains are located on an artificial lake spanning over 12 hectares. The United Arab Emirates loves grand projects and spares no effort realizing them.

The first Singing Fountains show took place in spring of 2009, and since then the shows have become a nightly occurrence. Over 6,000 spotlights illuminate the lake and fountains, while a system of powerful pumps propels water streams up to 150 meters high. They are called “singing” fountains because the synchronized water and light show is accompanied by music, which can vary greatly – from classical works to compositions by Arab composers to even modern pop hits and rock tunes. The “dance” of intersecting water streams, shooting up and falling down, is meticulously choreographed to each musical piece.

The Dubai Singing Fountains have become a cultural symbol of the city, attracting huge numbers of tourists from all over the world. The sublime combination of water, lights and music captures hearts and enhances the unforgettable experience of traveling to Dubai. Do not miss the Singing Fountains show in Dubai – this impressive spectacle will provide bright and lasting emotions.

The Jumeirah Mosque

Religious and cultural monuments – without visiting them, one’s impression of Dubai would be incomplete. One of the most iconic structures is the Jumeirah Mosque, which offers tours to visitors regardless of their faith.

The Jumeirah Mosque was built in 1979 at the direction of Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum, the Ruler of Dubai. Its name “Jumeirah” means “Friday mosque,” as it is the place where many worshippers gather for the communal Friday prayer.

The mosque stands about 26 meters tall, and its inner courtyard covers an area of approximately 1,350 square meters. It can accommodate capacity of around 1,300 people.

The architectural features of the Jumeirah Mosque make it another pearl of the United Arab Emirates. It combines traditional elements of Arab architecture with modern design. Its slender minarets beautifully stand out against the sky, adding grandeur and elegance to the whole complex. Inside, the mosque is adorned with luxurious rugs and splendid artistic details that lend special charm and atmosphere to this sacred place.

The Jumeirah Mosque represents not only a religious and architectural landmark of the city, but also serves as a hub for important religious and cultural events. It houses a cultural center, hosts lectures on religious history, and holds cultural events promoting dialogue and mutual understanding between various religious and cultural groups. The Jumeirah Mosque is a prime example of Islamic architecture and religious tradition, blending magnificence with aesthetics.

Dubai Mall

In 2009, the largest shopping and entertainment complex, not only in the United Arab Emirates but in the world, was built and opened – Dubai Mall. The mall is decorated with the luxury characteristic of the East. Its area exceeds 1,200,000 square meters, and the exact number of boutiques and shops located here is probably known only to the mall owners.

In the stores and boutiques of Dubai Mall you will find a huge selection of goods, from jewelry and perfumes to leather goods, from luxury brands from around the world to products from well-known local manufacturers. Indeed, Dubai is considered one of the world’s shopping capitals.

But Dubai Mall is famous not only for shopping. There is a giant aquarium (sometimes called the underwater zoo) designed for 10 million liters of water. More than 30,000 marine creatures, including large tiger sharks and giant rays, are kept here in natural-like conditions.

There is even an ice rink in the hot Dubai on the territory of Dubai Mall. Visiting this place will leave an indelible mark on your soul, even if you are not a big fan of shopping. Because Dubai Mall is much more than just a huge shopping center. It’s a journey into Dubai’s culture and atmosphere, an introduction to the variety of global brands and local products, and lots of interesting photos and videos against the background of gorgeous interiors or a giant “underwater zoo.”

Burj Al Arab Hotel (“The Sail”)

The United Arab Emirates is a land of superlatives. The hotels here, when built, are unusual, recognizable structures that not only provide five-star comfort to guests, but become an art object in their own right that you want to see. One such hotel in Dubai is Burj Al Arab It even has its own helipad!

it opened on December 1, 1999 and was the tallest hotel in the world at the time of construction.

The architecture of Burj Al Arab hotel is full of elegance and luxury. Its unique sail-like shape creates the impression that the hotel is floating above the water, adding even more charm to its appearance. Above the water – because Burj Al Arab is situated 280 meters offshore on an artificial island in the ocean. From afar, it looks like a ship under full sail heading towards the shores of Dubai.

The five-star hotel has a private beach, offers helicopter transfers, and room rates range from $1,000 to $30,000. But even just seeing this grandiose and original building and taking a selfie against the backdrop of the most recognizable hotel in Dubai is a great adventure in itself. We invite you to come and behold its splendor!

Palm Jumeirah – Island Resort

One of the most unusual symbols of Dubai is the artificial palm-shaped island that houses the huge five-star Atlantis The Palm resort complex.

Palm Jumeirah is not just an island, it is a story of human labor and energy, a story of creation. Construction began in 2001 and was completed in 2006. The island was entirely man-made from millions of tons of sand and stone. Huge machines, special engineering solutions and abundant resources were employed to create this incredible architectural masterpiece.

In size, the island is comparable to a small town – 25 square kilometers. It consists of a “trunk” and 17 “palm fronds” or leaves, each of which houses suburban villas and hotels. Between the “leaves” there are formed bays, and Palm Jumeirah is protected from the raging ocean by an 11 kilometer long breakwater.

Palm Jumeirah offers entertainment and recreation for everyone. There are wonderful beaches, water parks, marinas for yachts, spas, shops, restaurants and much more. But one of Palm Jumeirah’s most impressive features are its observation points. From the heights, you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of Dubai and the Arabian Gulf, which will give you unforgettable, breathtaking sensations.

Palm Jumeirah is a symbol of luxury, engineering achievements and human potential. It has become one of the most famous attractions, as well as the embodiment of the prosperity of Dubai. Palm Jumeirah welcomes you to witness the symbiosis of nature and innovation that deserves heartfelt admiration.

Ski Dubai – Ski Resort

It’s the largest indoor ski resort in the Middle East. Being in the Arabian Peninsula, amidst the desert, under the blazing year-round sun and going skiing? In Dubai it is possible. In the very heart of Dubai, in the large Mall of the Emirates shopping and entertainment complex, there is the indoor Ski Dubai ski resort. It offers amazing opportunities for ski and snowboard recreation in a desert climate.

Ski Dubai opened in 2005 and became the first indoor ski resort in the region. The main advantage of Ski Dubai is the cool climate inside the complex, created by a special air conditioning system.

Everything here is the same as winter at any ski resort somewhere in Europe – only there is a roof overhead, people in summer clothes walk behind glass fences, including numerous tourists, and there are no blizzards, storms or unnecessary thaws. It’s definitely worth seeing this snowy miracle amidst the desert; here you can take a break from Dubai’s all-pervading heat. And of course it’s wonderful to spend time if you are a fan of skiing or snowboarding.

The Dubai Frame – An Original Art Object

There is probably nothing else like this in the world! In 2009, a competition was held in Dubai to create a new emblem, a modern symbol of this magnificent city. Among 900+ projects, the project of Mexican architect Fernando Donis won. He captivated everyone with his original approach – instead of developing a new emblem, he suggested framing the view of Dubai that exists today.

According to the architect’s project, in 2018 a huge 150-meter frame was built in Dubai, through which the view of the city looks like a giant picture the height of a fifty-story building. It is a constantly evolving picture – Dubai continues to build actively, new hotels, residential and office skyscrapers emerge. It is also interesting that if you look through the frame from one side – you will see modern high-rise buildings, and if from the other side – the old part of Dubai.

The Dubai Frame also attracts tourists because inside it has an observation deck with a glass floor, which you can climb up to and which offers a delightful view of the city. Also, the glass floor at a height of 50 meters provides an adrenaline rush – the emotions will be bright and unforgettable.

Here is my English translation of the text about the Spice Market in Deira district:

Spice Market in Deira District

Deira district is considered one of the oldest areas of Dubai; it is inhabited mainly by immigrants from India and Pakistan who once settled in the United Arab Emirates. Ancient buildings here are strangely adjacent to constructions from the late last century, and in the 21st century, skyscrapers characteristic of Dubai also started appearing here.

But the main attractions of the area are the themed markets. We advise you to visit the spice market, and guarantee you will experience a sea of emotions.

In addition to the specific aroma of spices and their huge selection, the market attracts with its authenticity, vendors dressed in vibrant colors, the opportunity to haggle to your heart’s content – what eastern market is complete without bargaining! It is also very interesting to ask local merchants about spices, their properties and history – if you speak English (Russian-speaking traders are not easy to find, if it’s possible at all). This way you will not only buy some cardamom, cinnamon, cloves or saffron, but also become involved in the history and culture of the UAE, learn about the traditions of using spices in local cuisine, as well as their medicinal properties.

Aura Skypool – Rooftop Infinity Pool

The world’s tallest 360-degree infinity pool is located in the Palm Tower skyscraper (on Palm Jumeirah island), 200 meters above sea level. Here, every detail is thought out to create the perfect space for relaxation, entertainment and wonderful impressions.

The panoramic views of the city are awe-inspiring, and the level of service matches the height of the pool. A lounge area, international cuisine restaurant, comfortable sun loungers, abundant greenery – this space has everything for luxurious relaxation.

The rooftop infinity pool offers stunning scenery from great heights. While soaking in beautiful views, visitors can enjoy world-class amenities like a lounge area to relax, a restaurant with global cuisines, cozy chairs, and lush landscaping all around. Aura Skypool is designed to provide a supreme aquatic experience paired with Dubai’s glittering skyline vistas. The attention to detail allows guests to unwind in ultimate style.

Dubai Creek – A Bay

Located between the districts of Deira and Bur Dubai, this small natural bay is considered a key point in the formation and development of the city. In the 19th-20th centuries, the bay was one of the centers of trade, significant for the entire Middle East.

During the rapid development of Dubai in the second half of the 20th century, the ports were relocated, and today the creek is primarily a tourist attraction and landmark of the city. Nowadays, you can take a ride along Dubai Creek on local traditional wooden dhow boats, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of old Dubai, and enjoy the picturesque views.

Near the bay, there are several historical attractions, for example, the famous Sheikh Zayed Road with its modern skyscrapers is located on the shores of Dubai Creek.

Dubai Creek is brightly illuminated by evening lights and becomes a magnificent background for photos and videos to remember. The area buzzes with activity, and tourists are welcomed by wonderful restaurants, boutiques; cultural events and festivals are held. Dubai Creek can be called another historical calling card of Dubai, a symbol of its rich history and culture. And this calling card is worth seeing with your own eyes.

Al Fahidi Historical Fort

One of the iconic historical attractions of Dubai is Al Fahidi Fort, a monument and symbol of Dubai’s rich history. It is considered the oldest preserved building in the city – in its current form, the fort was built back in 1878 on the shores of Dubai Creek trade bay. The stone structure is a small fortress designed to protect the city from external threats; the fort was also used as a state prison, military barracks, and customs checkpoint for trade ships.

Al Fahidi Fort has a rectangular shape and quite compact size. Its walls are about 2 meters thick and 10 meters high.

With the advent of the oil era and the city’s modernization, Al Fahidi Fort was fell into disrepair. However, in the 1970s, with the realization of the importance of preserving heritage, the fort was fully restored and opened for public visitation.

Today, the Dubai Museum is housed in Al Fahidi Fort, where you can see various exhibits and exhibitions about trade, traditional Arabic architecture and life in old Dubai.

Visiting Al Fahidi Fort is an amazing opportunity to connect with the nearly forgotten past of modern, technological Dubai. It makes for an excellent attraction to visit for those who want to diversify their journey not only with new emotions, but also with new knowledge and understanding of the city’s history.


Magnificent Dubai offers so many impressions and attractions that it is almost impossible to know and see everything in one trip. Start with the main sights described here – this will give you a chance to truly appreciate the diversity and splendor of this desert oasis. And to make it most convenient for you to explore the attractions, you can rent:

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