16 December 2023 Author: Andrey Davidenko

Car Rental Prices in Dubai

Cars in Dubai have become a separate attraction — only in this city is there such a concentration of luxurious and exclusive cars. Brooklands provides an opportunity for anyone to become part of the luxury world of Dubai and have unforgettable travel experiences.

Prices and Car Classes

We offer the best conditions for renting cars in Dubai and other emirates — prices start from 200 (50 $) AED/day. Brooklands has a wide range of cars in different classes to fit any budget:

The minimum rental period is 1 day, and the maximum is unlimited. It is advantageous to rent a car in Dubai for a longer period of time because the daily cost decreases as the rental period increases. For example, the cost of a Lamborghini Huracan for 1 day is 3300 AED, the rental from 8 to 30 days will cost 2900 AED, and a reservation for more than 30 days will be 2300 AED per day.

Rental Conditions and Additional Costs

When you book a car, you only pay for the rental, as insurance and company services are already included in the price. You can collect the car from the rental office free of charge, but there is an extra charge for delivering the car to the airport, hotel or any other location – 180 AED during the day and 230 AED at night. These conditions also apply to the return – if it is necessary to return the car to the company not where you received it but in another location.


The rental price does not include fuel, fines, toll road usage, damage and excess mileage – all of which are to be paid separately by the customer upon return of the car.

At Brooklands you can hire a luxury car at an affordable price for a day or a weekend. Our rental terms are simple – all you need is a driving license and 20 minutes processing time, after which you will receive the keys to your dream car.

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