10 December 2023 Author: Andrey Davidenko

Penalty for red light in Dubai

On average, more than 90 people daily in Dubai drive through a red traffic light, and in most cases, these are tourists. The Dubai police fines 1,000 AED for running a red light.

In addition, the police have the authority to impound the violator’s car in the penalty yard for a minimum of 1 month. To keep the car with you, you’ll have to pay around 3,000 AED—thus, running a red light can cost the driver more than $1,000.

Red Light Violation Fines Table

Violation Fine Amount (AED) Black Points Vehicle Confiscation Period
Jumping a red signal in a car 1000 12 30 days
Jumping a red signal by motorcycle 1000 12 30 days
Jumping a red signal by heavy vehicles 1000 12 30 days

In Dubai, the fine for running a red light is also 1,000 AED, but paying to release the car from the penalty yard will be several times higher. Moreover, running a red light in Abu Dhabi can lead to the suspension of driving privileges.

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